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Glowza Digital is a video animation company with vast experience & expertise in visual storytelling via animation. We understand that the success of animated video production lies in brilliant storytelling. Besides, creative content scripts, artistic visuals, and animation embedded together result in excellent storytelling. It is also what we are experts at as a video animation service.

We have also helped many businesses, including start-ups and enterprises build their strong digital presence with our first-rate explainer videos. Explainer videos are an excellent marketing tool for brands to convey their complex ideas or products and services to customers. Our creative video animators and inventive script writers are experts at their jobs that help us create high-quality explainer videos for businesses consistently.



Glowza Digital has accomplished 1500+ animated video production projects to date since its launch for clients across the globe.



Our animated explainer video company comprises highly skilled employees. We believe our team is our inspiration to perform.



Innumerable clients all over the world have witnessed the creative work our animated video service has carried out for them.



Most businesses from the US and across the globe have appreciated our high-quality animated video production process.

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If you avail any of our animation services, you will exactly get what you are after. We ponder every aspect from the video style to the design and its message to fulfill the purpose of your brand’s explainer video. As professionals, we completely understand the role that explainer videos play for businesses to develop a customer base. We create videos for our clients that deliver them the best results than using fancy designs and excessive decorations in explainer videos.

Usually, it takes us 4 to 6 weeks to produce a 60 second explainer video. Moreover, a complex video animation project with more complex animations may take us 6 to 10 weeks to complete it because a large collaborative team is required to work on complicated projects. Nonetheless, our video animation company also manages animated video production urgently for clients when the need arises.

Glowza Digital has the best video animators, storytellers, and voiceover artists who work with a goal to create a video for clients that converts. The video production cost depends on the video type you need, the animation style, and the number of people to accomplish it. You can expect to spend at least $5,000 for a high-quality video of 60 seconds. Nonetheless, this cost may vary based on the type and length of the video you want to create.

We follow a 6-step process for animated video production that ensures timely delivery of your project within your budget. We also follow a collaborative approach for video production that allows you to get involved at every step of our production process. Here is how our video production process works:

1. Discovery & Briefing: We shall first ask you to fill out some information about your company and product. Then, we shall arrange an online meeting with you to know your brand and specific needs for a video.

2. Script: We create a script to narrate your story. We shall allow you to read the wording that will inspire your audience to listen, interpret, and take action.

3. Storyboard & Illustrations: We craft the storyboard that will portray the main actions which will take place in your video. You will get the chance to review storyboards, style frames, and design boards first before we bring the scenes to life.

4. Voiceover: You will need a professional voice with the right accent and tone to deliver your message. We shall bring in the voiceover talent and filter any off-brand vocal talent until you shout. “THIS IS US!”

5. Animation Music & SFX: You will see all the work and planning from the earlier transformed into beautiful and moving animation with captivating design and bringing the story alive.

6. Delivery: We shall complete your video and deliver it to you as an HD – High Definition video file for use on the web or TV as per your plan. We can also help if you need graphics for the video, subtitles, how to host your video, where to place it, or how to market it.

Here are the things you can achieve using a video:

  • a. Improve your brand visibility
  • b. Convey complex messages in a fun and engaging manner
  • c. Promote your lesser-known products
  • d. Create engagement
  • e. Win more subscribers to build your mailing lists

You can get unlimited revisions for script development because we want to make sure your video script is well-crafted. For stages other than the script, such as storyboard, voiceover, illustration, and animation, you get three revisions for each so that we can polish your video as the best.