Animated Explainer Video Services That Businesses Trust

Explainer Video Services

Animated Explainer Video Services That Businesses Trust

Explainer videos are short animated videos that usually explain what a business does or promote a company’s products and services. Glowza Digital also makes high-quality animated explainer videos for businesses that are enchanting and memorable at the same time. We have been offering animated explainer video services to businesses since our foundation as an animated explainer video company. Moreover, animated explainer videos that we create for brands boost conversions.

How Can Explainer Videos Benefit Your Brand?

Customer EngagementCustomer Engagement

Customer Engagement

On an average, people have an attention span of 8 seconds on a website. Explainer videos captivate customers and hold their attention for longer. You can also convert innate content into an engaging and memorable story via an explainer video. Hence, video explainers serve as an essential marketing tool for many businesses and help capture more leads.

Boost ConversionsBoost Conversions

Boost Conversions

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely you are going to make a conversion. Animated explainer videos are more engaging and absolutely perfect for expressing an idea, convey a message or promote a brand’s product or services. Choose one of our explainer video services and create a video for your brand that turns heads and boosts conversions.

Easily ShareableEasily Shareable

Easily Shareable

Typically, explainer videos are short and easily shareable. You can easily share an explainer video on social media platforms. Additionally, the duration of two minutes or less of an explainer video also makes it easy for viewers to view and remember the video content. Besides, people like sharing video explainer content twice as more as other types of video content.

Need an Animator

Our Explainer Video Services Deliver Quality plus Value

Customers won’t buy your products or services until they understand what value they can provide them. Video explainers transform the intricacy of a product or a service and a business idea into a clear message. We are the best at creating different types of animated explainer videos for brands, including a business video, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, training video, education video, video for marketing, etc. We are the expert at what we do and know how to make an explainer video that delivers quality and value simultaneously. For the same reason, we have a large client base. You can count on us, too!

Our Explainer Video Services Deliver Quality plus Value

Why Glowza Digital for Animated Explainer Videos?

Glowza Digital has been developing the best animated explainer videos for businesses all around the world for many years from now to date. Our explainer videos set us apart from our competitors because they are well-targeted and branded. It is because our video production team is highly creative and persistently capable of creating flawless explainer video content. Our explainer videos are tailor-made to business needs and successfully convey a message about brands to customers. Glowza Digital makes video explainers that taste different and consequently increase visibility for brands. We have created top-notch explainer videos to date for different industries, and we can do the same for you, too. Besides, here is a list of the industries we have crafted video explainers for thus far:

Why Explainer Videos? When & How You Should Use Them?

An explainer video, also called a homepage video, overview video, or a conversion video, explains a company, product, and service. It is created in a way to help the audience understand your business message in two minutes or less. Typically, explainer videos cover a) a problem, b) a solution, c) features and benefits, and d) how the solution works. It is best to keep an explainer video short to make it more engaging while conveying the right information to the customers. Here are some characteristics of a superb explainer video:

1. Duration: Two minutes or Less

2. Message: Clear and Concise

3. Tone: Conversational

4. Focus: Conversational

5. Call to Action: Conversational

More often than not, explainer videos entail the first stage of the top-of-the-funnel marketing. Explainer videos aid businesses raise awareness of their products and services to attract more leads and boost conversions. You may also create an explainer video for your business to increase your brand visibility and boost conversions. Further, the best places to put or use your explainer videos are as follows:

  • 1. Home Pages
  • 2. Product or Service Pages
  • 3. Newsletters
  • 4. Trade Shows
  • 5. Sales Meetings

Narrate Your Corporate Mission with Explainer Videos

Business Development: We develop captivating animated explainer videos that reinforce the relationship between businesses and their customers.

Engagement: Our core focus as a professional animated video explainer company is to make videos for brands that deliver value. We utilize storytelling and satire to make explainer videos that stimulate emotions & persuade customers with increased engagement.

Enhance Your Online Presence: You can communicate the message about your brand to customers with an explainer video and also increase your brand visibility.

Narrate Your Corporate Mission with Explainer Videos


Various elements come into play when it comes to determining the cost of an animated explainer video. Elements include the style of a video, video length, and how fast the video needs development, to name a few. A high-quality explainer video can cost around $5,000 to $25,000, based on certain factors, and we have also mentioned some. You should also ask yourself: How much is it worth to you to set your company apart from competitors? Or how much is it worth to achieve the marketing results you are after? As a reputable explainer video company with vast experience, we can develop impressive explainer videos tailored to your needs. Our rates for explainer video services we render are also reasonable.

Usually, it takes six weeks for an explainer video company to develop a high-quality explainer video. However, developing fully customized explainer videos may take around 8 to 9 weeks. Custom explainer video production takes longer than usual as it requires a complete team of creative professionals, including

Yes, it is possible for us. Nonetheless, speeding up an explainer video production process for the fast delivery of the final product also increases the price of our services. The quicker we begin, the quicker we’ll have that impressive explainer video ready for you. Contact us today and let us begin developing excellent video marketing content for your brand.

There are three important aspects of a good explainer video, including quality, clarity, and customization.

1. Clarity: It depicts your concept/idea, product/service, or company to the customers with clarity and concisely, without confusion.
2. Quality: Visual quality of an explainer video needs to be top-notch to avoid sending the wrong message to the customers.
3. Customization: The whole explainer video should unmistakably feel yours. A generic-looking piece is easy to forget and may benefit the competitors instead of your brand.

It is difficult to choose an animated explainer video service with so many video explainer companies around. Nevertheless, we also understand how important it is for you to work with an explainer video company that delivers high-quality work, is flexible, and is cost-efficient at the same time. If you think nobody understands your product/service or want to increase conversions for your business, Glowza Digital can help you convey the clear message about your company to your audience with a high-class animated explainer video. You may have a look at our portfolio to see our work and choose us to let us create a spectacular animated video that will increase the visibility of your brand and boost conversions.

Explain Your Entire Vital Message In Less Than A Minute

Create a tempting and entertaining narrative of your corporate mission:

Business’s DevelopmentBusiness’s Development

01. Business’s Development

Our team creates videos that strengthen the bond between your company and its customers.

Increase EngagementIncrease Engagement

02. Increase Engagement

We make sure to create videos that are impactful and appealing to increase engagement.

Enhance Online PresenceEnhance Online Presence

03. Enhance Online Presence

Helps a brand communicate its core message at a much higher level than just a text alone.

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